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# Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 Esportz Premier Series $ 18775 4 226
2 VALORANT Champions 2021 No Info 16 No Info
3 Valorant Open Tour France $ 60168 8 No Info
4 Valorant Open Tour Fall France $ 12163 32 No Info
5 LVP Rising Series #4 $ 6065 16 No Info
6 Valorant Champions Tour 2021 North America Last Chance Qualifier No Info 10 No Info
7 Valorant Champions Tour 2021 South America Last Chance Qualifier No Info 8 No Info
8 Strike Arabia Finals $ 50000 8 No Info
9 VALORANT Oceania Tour 2021 Championship No Info 8 No Info
10 VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Stage 3 Masters Berlin No Info 16 No Info
11 The Esports Club Gauntlet Season 2 $ 12362 16 133
12 LVP Rising Series #3 $ 6008 16 No Info
13 RixGG VALORANT Open August 2021 $ 2796 16 No Info
14 GLA Baku Summer Cup 2021 $ 5000 8 No Info
15 Open Fire All Stars $ 14603 8 No Info
16 FGC Valorant Invitational $ 15475 16 No Info
17 Valorant Conquerors Championship $ 33000 8 301
18 Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship $ 20000 32 No Info
19 Razer Invitational Middle East $ 15000 16 No Info
20 Huntress Trials August 2021 $ 2758 16 80
21 VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs $ 100000 16 81

Gamer’s Guide to the Biggest Valorant Tournament

eSports tournaments have always been very popular among tactical shooter games, and the Valorant tournament will likely break all the ranks. Tournaments generally come only once a year – especially the biggest online tournaments – and they allow players to win the grand prize.

If you are planning to also join the Champions Valorant tournaments at some point, then let this article be your guide.

The 2022 Gaming Tournament Prizes

The prize pool changes every year for Riot Games tournaments, which also include Valorant. This year, the prize pool is set at around $2,600,000, give or take, depending on whether or not additions are made to the prize pool.
For instance, during previous League of Legends eSport events, Riot Games created crowdfunding events to sponsor the gaming tournaments. There is no clear saying that the same thing will happen here but given their history and the time left until the tournament, it is still possible.
Riot Games may also decide to add themed skin lines, weapons, or other special edition items on the line. This can further increase the prize pool.

Tournament Formats for Valorant Champions

The format for the Champions tournament shows little difference from the Valorant Masters tournament, with both of them having the players go through two stages: the group stage and the playoff stage.
The Valorant community is still growing, meaning that another stage may be added in the future – but so far, players are required to go through the following:

  • Group Stage

During the Group Stage, 16 teams will enter the battle. Those teams will be split into four groups, with the group teams having to play with or against one another. Only two teams will pass into the next stage after several elimination rounds.

  • Playoff Stage

The playoff stage will feature the remaining 8 teams from the Group Stage. There will be a double elimination bracket where the teams will be paired against one another until the Best of 3 will be chosen.

Valorant Schedule for Players

Before entering a tournament, you need to check the dates. Like every other eSport, there is also a Valorant tournament schedule that you will need to follow. Every year, those dates are posted on their platform.
In 2022, the tournament will take place between the 2nd and 18th of September, lasting just shy over 2 weeks. There will be multiple matches for teams to take part in, with each team having the opportunity to win the grand prize.

The Bottom Line

A Valorant tournament is a good opportunity to show off your skills and improve your teamwork. It is also a good place to increase your ranking so that you can become a professional player. Keep an eye on the schedule and have your team join together with you in a top event!