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# Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 Brasileirão 2021 $ 71821 10 No Info
2 Six November Major 2021 $ 500000 16 No Info
3 Campeonato Sudamericano 2021 $ 40500 8 No Info
4 Campeonato Mexicano 2021 $ 42500 7 No Info
5 Circuito Feminino 2021 $ 54009 6 No Info
6 Brasileirão 2021 Série B $ 19058 10 No Info
7 Paddock League Season 3 No Info 8 No Info
8 Project Eris $ 3500 10 No Info
9 Solar Flare Competitive League Season 3 $ 2000 12 No Info
10 Six Mexico Major 2021 $ 500000 16 No Info
11 Japan Open 2021 Season 2 $ 22813 8 No Info
12 R6S China Community Invitational No Info 2 No Info
13 Futures League Season 1 $ 1660 4 No Info
14 Gamers Without Borders 2021 $ 150000 16 No Info
15 PG Nationals 2020-2021 Finals No Info 6 No Info
16 Operations League MY/SG/PH/ID Season 3 $ 15000 8 No Info
17 UK Ireland Nationals Season 3 $ 34712 8 No Info
18 French League Season 3 $ 36374 8 No Info
19 XP Womens League Season 5 $ 2204 8 No Info
20 Korean Open 2021 Summer $ 53865 8 No Info
21 Amateur Series Ladies League Season 1 Summer $ 2693 8 No Info

What Are the Rainbow Six Tournaments You Shouldn’t Miss?

Rainbow Six has been getting more and more popular by the year. The famous eSports game is played by millions all over the world, with fans always checking the schedule for big events with generous rewards. Big R6 tournaments always feature some of the best teams, which is an opportunity for the fans to get some entertainment and perhaps even learn something from the expert players.

Not everyone who joins the Siege community knows which Rainbow Six tournaments to watch, though. There are many options out there, yet it’s hard to figure out which one is worth keeping an eye on.

Well, here are a few Rainbow Six Siege gaming tournaments that fans shouldn’t miss.

Six Major

A championship that fans have always been excited about is the Six Major. All the events under the Six Major name have been spectacular. The first gaming event of the sort was the 2018 Six Major, which unfolded in Paris. It featured 16 top teams in Rainbow Six as well.

The first Six Major had $350k in prize pool money, but later the amount went up to $500k. Six Major tournaments typically take place in various countries all around the planet.

If you want to see some amazing champions working hard to win the prize, don’t miss the Six Major. It is part of the Rainbow Six Siege biggest tournament group.

Six Invitational

Fans are excited for one particular Rainbow Six Siege tournament of champions every year – the Six Invitational. People who want to watch more Rainbow Six content always turn to this championship – it has some of the best teams in the world participating, but also one of the biggest prize pools in the R6 industry.

Every year, there is one Six Invitational event to watch. The 2018 edition was the most watched one, with 316,000 users monitoring the teams that were fighting against each other for the big prize.

Although the following years had lower viewership numbers, they still attracted a lot of fans – which goes to show just how loved this championship is.

The latest Six Invitational took place in February 2022, and some of the teams that participated were Ninjas in Pyjamas, FURIA Esports, Elevate, BDS Esport, DarkZero Esports, and Natus Vincere.

Gamers Without Borders

The most anticipated upcoming tournament right now is Gamers Without Borders 2022. People are turning on their PC simply to check the schedule of the event and see which teams are competing.

The championship has a Rainbow Six Siege tournament prize of $2 million. So, fans expect it to be a fantastic event.

Besides, there is also a $1.5 million prize pool for charity.


Rainbow Six has many great tournaments throughout the year, but the Six Invitational is the biggest and most anticipated one. Make sure you don’t miss it.