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# Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 The International XII $ 1600000 No Info No Info
2 IESF 2023 $ 100000 No Info No Info
3 DPC 2023 Major 3 $ 500000 No Info No Info
4 DPC CN Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
5 DPC SA Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
6 DPC NA Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
7 DPC CIS Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
8 DPC SEA Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
9 DPC EU Tour 3 $ 280000 No Info No Info
10 DPC 2023 Major 2 $ 500000 No Info No Info
11 DPC SA Tour 2 $ 280000 No Info No Info
12 DPC SEA Tour 2 $ 280000 No Info No Info
13 DPC NA Tour 2 $ 280000 No Info No Info
14 DPC CIS Tour 2 $ 280000 No Info No Info
15 DPC EU Tour 2 $ 280000 No Info No Info
16 DPC CN Tour 2 $ 280000 No Info No Info
17 DPC 2023 Major 1 $ 500000 No Info No Info
18 DPC SA Tour 1 $ 280000 55 145
19 DPC NA Tour 1 $ 280000 53 112
20 DPC EU Tour 1 $ 280000 45 85
21 DPC SEA Tour 1 $ 280000 58 172

Things to Know About Your Favorite Dota 2 Tournament

A Dota 2 tournament needs to be big, entertaining and attract a lot of viewers. But aside from that, it should also have a lot to offer to its participant teams. Luckily, the Dota tournament group doesn’t lack any of these, which is why it now has some of the best tournaments in eSports.

Most likely, if you’ve been already watching any Dota 2 championship, you know how it all goes and what it has to offer. But even still, it’s nice to know some more things about your favorite Dota 2 tournaments. That being said, here’s some information.

Which Dota 2 Tournament to Follow?

The International

The International has been established in 2011, and ever since, it’s been taking place annually. It generally takes place in August, and 18 teams are participating, whereas, until 2016, only 16 teams were participating.

Out of all the teams, 12 are getting an invite based on the Dota Pro Circuit results, while the others get their invite by winning regional qualifying playoff brackets. They will be each from South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, China, and CIS.

The prize pool generally starts at $1,000,000. However, since 2013, the prize pool is crowdfunded. 25% of the revenue from the battle passes that have been introduced is going to the prize pool. Year after year, the prize pool increased and in 2019, it was the biggest one ever, reaching $34 million.


ESL One is one of the Dota 2 premier tournaments that has teams from all over the world participating. It is the successor to ESL Major Series One, and it features multiple games, with one of them being, of course, Dota 2.

The first one to take place was ESL One Frankfurt 2014. The Arena where the event took place became a favorite for Dota 2 fans everywhere. This event takes place annually, being one of the most awaited upcoming Dota 2 tournaments.


This is a bigger event that takes place every year. It is a league, one that is organized by DreamHack, but also by Roccat, ASUS ROG and TV6 from Sweden. DreamLeague was made to have the most prestigious Dota 2 league in Europe, and the tournament usually invites a lot of amazing teams to the event.

The teams are provided with travel support to LAN finals, but they are also getting top exposure on the popular streaming platform Twitch.TV, but also on TV6.

Final Thoughts

Checking the Dota 2 tournament schedule will show you a lot of these amazing tournaments but won’t always tell you the important information about it. Because of that, we wanted to take the initiative and let you know some relevant things. Hopefully, it will come in handy and will help you watch the tournaments with more love for them.