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# Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 World Championship 2022 $ 2000000 No Info No Info
2 Claro Stars League 2022 Opening No Info 8 No Info
3 Liga de Honor Entel 2022 Opening No Info 12 No Info
4 MČR 2021 $ 4640 8 No Info
5 VCS 2021 Summer No Info 8 No Info
6 World Championship 2021 $ 2000000 16 No Info
7 European Masters 2021 Summer $ 178331 16 84
8 Open Tour Benelux 2021 Summer $ 6895 8 51
9 Unified Grand Prix 2021 Summer $ 20000 16 81
10 LCS 2021 Championship $ 200000 8 41
11 Regional Norte 2021 No Info 4 20
12 Regional Sur 2021 No Info 3 15
13 Greek Legends League 2021 Winter $ 6200 8 No Info
14 Telia Masters 2021 Summer No Info 12 63
15 Gamegune 2021 No Info 8 No Info
16 EGL 2021 Summer Showdown $ 10000 16 No Info
17 Nexo Stars 2021 No Info 4 No Info
18 Mid-Season Development Challenge Cup 2021 $ 30758 16 87
19 PCS 2021 Summer $ 80000 10 59
20 Irrechipstible Cup 2021 $ 1192 8 40
21 Hitpoint Challengers 2021 Summer No Info 8 61

The League of Legends Tournament – A Battle of the Titans

There are a few words that best describe the video game turned eSport, League of Legends – these words are multiplayer, teams, and tournaments. The word multiplayer refers to the fact that the game is played in a team. You can play alongside computer teammates, also known as bots, you can create a team between you and your friends, or you can join a random team. No matter the choice, the goal of the team is the same, to work together to defeat the threat of the enemy, and eventually to conquer the enemy’s territory.

The last word, tournaments, refers to a feature common to eSports in which the teams can compete in the online League of Legends tournaments. This way, they can test their team’s skills and gain recognition at an international level.

League of Legends Tournament – A Race for Supremacy

The competitive nature of the game has made it so that such League of Legends online tournaments have been risen to the rank of sport – or eSport how it is commonly known in this field. Moreover, as a result of its high fellowship, League of Legends has become the most watched eSport in the whole world, with views surpassing those of Fortnite or Dota 2.

In It for the Win

The people participating in these League of Legends tournaments have a common goal – gaining recognition, experience, and ultimately a spot in the international League of Legends Championship.

In this League of Legends tournament, only ten of the best teams in the whole world compete against each other, but only one can be the final winner. Most players prepare themselves by participating in League of Legends daily tournaments. These events take place every day, and teams of all ranks can battle one against another to train and to advance in the League of Legends rankings.

These LoL tournaments, just like their names suggest, take place daily and are free of charge. Teams from all over the world can participate in such a LoL tournament. Besides these daily tournaments and League of Legends Championship tournaments, players can also participate in smaller competitions held at a regional level.

This way, the players get to show their skills while going commando against another team. And the higher they are on the League of Legends hierarchy, the closer they are to being broadcasted to the fans of this eSport. The pro players who participate in these international tournaments and who are in it to win them can even make a living out of this.

The Bottom Line

League of Legends tournaments were born due to its multiplayer function and the competitiveness function. Today, they represent a huge part of the video game’s culture and its development as one of the best eSports in the whole world. Find out more tips and tricks about it by checking our website.