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Recent Player Earnings

# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Hyped George Maganzini $ 6600
2 Thijs Thijs Molendijk No Info
3 Frezzar Bertil Fall No Info
4 Rdu Radu Dima No Info
5 Impact Josh Graham No Info
6 sorengu soren gu No Info
7 macstR Scott McGlashan No Info
8 Lalasong Zi Song Hee No Info
9 Duck stefan van waalwijk No Info
10 Crusadan Stephen Price No Info
11 _Stanley Victor Stanley No Info
12 Ant Anthony Trevino No Info
13 ChanceHS Chance Rebholz No Info
14 tomflr Tom Finlayson No Info
15 Freshca Travis Boyer No Info
16 Fizdarth Kian Keat Gan No Info
17 Schismatron Simon Lindström No Info
18 tom60229 Wei Lin Chen No Info
19 Roger Sheng-yuan Luo No Info
20 pinpingho Kwo-Ping Ho No Info
21 Wingan Jesper Wingqvist No Info
22 Xeno Michał Kaczorowski No Info
23 ikealyou Bartłomiej Zawadzki No Info
24 A83650 Kacper Kwieciński No Info
25 Moluk Wojciech Złomek No Info
# Nickname Name Earnings
26 Kamyk Mateusz Kamiński No Info
27 foreo Lukas Arkusinski No Info
28 AmetystDrago Przemysław Nadolski No Info
29 Zozus Mateusz Matejko No Info
30 DrEaX Mateusz Michalski No Info
31 izual512 Tomasz Oleszczyk No Info
32 Yogg Damien L'hostis No Info
33 Lowelo No Info No Info
34 pAc Pierre-amaury C. No Info
35 Un33D Grégoire Bodin No Info
36 Unskiller Damian Warzycha No Info
37 Phrixius No Info No Info
38 IhaveLethal Jordan Petridis No Info
39 Genjei No Info No Info
40 L0gan Chris boutakidis No Info
41 Typhus Raphael Nicolas No Info
42 Pesty Adam Prest No Info
43 Crane Simon Raunholst No Info
44 Inderen Erik Kristensen No Info
45 FallenRemote Remy Doornberg No Info
46 Skip Jan Birkmeyer No Info
47 Muzzy Muzahidul I. No Info
48 Javasocute Brian D. No Info
49 Vaniteux Niclas Svensson No Info
50 Yavis Huiwen Yuan No Info

Recent Tournaments

# Date Event Prize Pool Game
1 2021-11-19 Masters Tour 2021 Undercity $ 250000 Hearthstone
2 2021-10-22 Masters Tour 2021 Stormwind $ 250000 Hearthstone
3 2021-08-27 Masters Tour 2021 Silvermoon $ 250000 Hearthstone
4 2021-08-12 Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 America $ 162000 Hearthstone
5 2021-08-12 Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 Asia-Pacific $ 162000 Hearthstone
6 2021-08-12 Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 EMEA $ 162000 Hearthstone
7 2021-07-30 DreamHack Beyond Three-Headed Dragon Challenge Americas $ 10000 Hearthstone
8 2021-07-29 DreamHack Beyond Three-Headed Dragon Challenge Europe $ 10000 Hearthstone
9 2021-07-27 DreamHack Beyond Three-Headed Dragon Challenge Asia-Pacific $ 10000 Hearthstone
10 2021-06-18 Masters Tour 2021 Dalaran $ 250000 Hearthstone
11 2021-05-28 Dreamhack Community Clash Quest Cup $ 2000 Hearthstone
12 2021-05-17 Dreamhack Community Clash Quest Cup Last Call $ 450 Hearthstone
13 2021-05-07 Dreamhack Community Clash Quest Cup: EMEA $ 800 Hearthstone
14 2021-04-30 Dreamhack Community Clash Quest Cup: North America $ 800 Hearthstone
15 2021-04-30 Hearthstone Masters Tour 2021 Orgrimmar $ 250000 Hearthstone
16 2021-04-23 Dreamhack Community Clash Quest Cup: LATAM $ 800 Hearthstone
17 2021-04-09 Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 EMEA $ 162000 Hearthstone
18 2021-04-09 Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 Asia-Pacific $ 162000 Hearthstone
19 2021-04-09 Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 America $ 158500 Hearthstone
20 2021-04-03 TRIADA X REDRAGON League #1 No Info Hearthstone
21 2021-03-12 Hearthstone Masters Tour 2021 Ironforge $ 250000 Hearthstone
22 2021-02-06 Black Claws x ZOTAC CUP Hearthstone AMERICAS #413 $ 70 Hearthstone
23 2021-01-27 Battleriff Invitational 3 $ 1000 Hearthstone
24 2020-12-27 Hearthstone All-Star Invitational 2020 $ 34000 Hearthstone
25 2020-12-12 Hearthstone World Championship 2020 $ 500000 Hearthstone

Hearthstone ESports Guide

Checking the Hearthstone eSports schedule will always reveal to you that Hearthstone events are taking place every year. This proves just how big the game has become in electronic sports, and how the demand for it is growing with each passing day. The eSports industry is very likely to have even more tournaments organized in the future, but for now, Hearthstone is getting a lot of love as it is.

If you want to get into professional eSports and become a beloved player cheered on by many, you need to know how to play like a professional too. That being said, here is a little guide to get you ready for Hearthstone eSports.

How to Play Hearthstone eSports?

Before you get to play in big competitions, it’s essential to get good at the Hearthstone eSport. That means that you need to learn how the game is being played properly. Unless you’ve spent a significant amount of time playing this PC game, it’s unlikely to get accustomed to it and the way it works.

In a Hearthstone match, there are two players, each one of them using a deck of cards. There are nine classes for players, respectively Paladin, Druid, Mage, Shaman, Warrior, Rogue, Priest, Warlock, and Hunter. Each one of them has its own cards, with unique powers. Even cards are of different types. They will be weapons, minions, spells and hero cards.

In this game, each player will have to play cards using your mana. But you will have a specific time during which you can make a turn, while your opponent has to wait for theirs. Depending on what card you are using, you may cause damage to the opponent. The player who is left with no life will be the one losing the match.

Keep in mind that at the beginning of your match, you will have to choose a starting hand. There is a three-card starting hand, but they are randomly selected from your deck. Considering they are randomly chosen, you may not like them. Luckily, you will be able to swap one or all of them with different cards, chosen randomly too. This gives you the change to start the game in a much better position.

You also need to use mana to your advantage. The amount of mana that you have determines how many cards you can use, and what cards you can use. Each card has a certain cost, don’t forget that.

What Big ESports Hearthstone Events Can You Watch

With Hearthstone gaining worldwide love, it’s only normal to have big events to watch every year. That being said, several eSports Hearthstone tournaments are waiting for your support. There is, for instance, the Hearthstone Masters Tour, where you can not only see some of the greatest teams but also watch as they give it their best to win the prize pool.

At the same time, there is also the Red Bull M.E.O., which gives even people who aren’t professionals the chance to play against the big names in the industry. This is fantastic as it could help discover some new talents, so the Hearthstone eSport field would only have to win from this. It would gain new, amazing players that will help spread the popularity of the game even more.

Anyone older than 16 can participate in the Red Bull M.E.O. so there are many things to expect from this professional eSport competition. If you don’t want to participate, you can simply just watch it when it takes place. You would still learn something by watching others play.

Final Thoughts

Hearthstone is loved and it’s safe to say that it has the potential to become even more loved. If you want an eSport organization to take interest in you as a Hearthstone player, you need to learn how to play and get better at it. It is the only way to join the electronic sports industry and make yourself known. Hopefully, this guide will help you improve and make your dream come true.