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# Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 World Championship 2022 $ 500000 No Info 16
2 LL 9 $ 50000 No Info 16
3 LL 8 $ 50000 No Info 16
4 Masters Seasonal 2022 Fall $ 50000 No Info 16
5 LL 7 $ 50000 No Info 16
6 Masters 2022 Tour MaD $ 250000 No Info 542
7 LL 6 $ 50000 No Info 28
8 LL 5 $ 50000 No Info 51
9 Grandmasters 2022 S2 Last Call $ 150000 No Info 16
10 Masters 2022 Tour MaCN $ 250000 No Info 572
11 LL 4 $ 50000 No Info 52
12 Masters 2022 Tour Vashj'ir $ 250000 No Info 591
13 LL 3 $ 50000 No Info 52
14 Masters Seasonal 2022 Summer $ 50000 No Info 16
15 LL 2 $ 50000 No Info 52
16 Masters 2022 Tour VTSC $ 250000 No Info 596
17 LL 1 $ 50000 No Info 53
18 Grandmasters 2022 S1 AM $ 83303 No Info 16
19 Grandmasters 2022 S1 EU $ 83333 No Info 16
20 Masters 2022 Tour RoA $ 250000 No Info 601
21 Grandmasters 2022 S1 APAC $ 83333 No Info 16

How to Participate in an Open Hearthstone Tournament

Not every top Hearthstone player starts as the most popular one. On the contrary, everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder, until they can climb to the top through Hearthstone tournaments and the hard work before that.

If you want to become one of the most recognized players in the game, what you have to do is go into a Hearthstone tournament. But to do that properly, you need to be ready, which means you need to have the knowledge, skills, and strategy that will help you succeed in the specific Hearthstone online tournament. How to prepare for open online Hearthstone tournaments? This article will tell you.

How Can You Participate?

Not everyone should join a tournament, not unless they’re ready to do so. Being ready means that you have a decent number of cards and good cards. These cards will help you make strong decks and thus take over your enemies in a Hearthstone match. If you do this and you can make a strategy using what you already have and win enough matches, you can make your name known in the industry.

How to Find a Hearthstone Tournament

If you want to participate in Hearthstone online tournaments, you have to go to hearthstonecalendar.com. On that website, you will be able to check the Hearthstone tournament schedule and find out exactly when any of the upcoming tournaments are taking place. However, you need to make sure that you are checking tournaments for the server that you play on, such as either the EU or NA server.

Tips for Tournament Play

  • Take Breaks

It’s essential to take breaks between tournament rounds, or else your brain will not be able to cope with so many competitions. There will usually be a break between tournament rounds, during which you can do something else to clear your mind and rest until you have to play against your next opponent.

  • Don’t Underestimate Your Opponents

No matter what, you shouldn’t underestimate a Hearthstone player in a tournament, even if their rank is lower than yours. Underestimating someone could lead to your own downfall because you’re letting your guard down, and that’s when your enemy could make a winning move.

  • Don’t Let Anyone Intimidate You

In some cases, you may feel intimidated to play against pro players in a tournament. At the same time, some players will try to intentionally intimidate you with their rank and aggressive play. But you shouldn’t let that happen. Stay calm and try to make a strategy and stick to it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to participate in a tournament and get good Hearthstone tournament results, you need to know how to do so. Hopefully, this little guide was able to prepare you for open tournaments and you now have the chance to have notable wins.