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Fortnite eSports – One of the World’s Famous Esports Titles

The Fortnite eSports scene is popular all over the world. Today, the chances of knowing someone who is a player of the game are extremely high. The Epic Games release managed to attract worldwide fans due to its characters, and gameplay, but also different mechanisms that make the game fun.
Fortnite got so popular that it even has large eSports competitions focusing on it today, with many professional players working to win the big prize. Are you interested in joining the game and potentially becoming a famous eSport player? If you work hard enough, you will be able to do it.

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a Battle Royale that took over the industry when it came out. It was released by Epic Games, and it became extremely appealing, especially for younger audiences. In this game, 100 players are dropped on a remote island where they are fighting for survival. They have to collect various items, protect themselves from other players and even try to eliminate other players to be the last ones standing at the end of the match.
To make things more challenging and make sure the game flow is good, the playable area keeps shrinking. Therefore, there will be no playable area left or no players, forcing the gamers to be faster until someone eventually wins.
Ultimately, this is what makes Fortnite as an eSport so great. The competitive aspect is always there, and you are always challenged to come up with a good strategy, so you are not eliminated by other players.
Although it’s relatively new compared to other eSports, Fortnite managed to make a lot of individuals earn money through playing the game or making content focused on it. Various individuals went on to become professional players and participate in the largest tournaments, thus earning money by winning the prize. Others started streaming their Fortnite games on Twitch or other platforms or started creating unique Fortnite content that got them a huge following.
Fortnite can be downloaded on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Epic Games App for Android.

Fortnite Tournaments

Because Fortnite became so large, there are now eSports tournaments where people can see the best pro players and teams in action. Hundreds of thousands of people watch these matches, waiting for the Fortnite eSport results to see whether their favorites make it to the finals and whether they win.
One of the most known Fortnite events is the Fortnite World Cup, which is an annual competition based on the battle royale game. The competition has been founded in 2019, with the prize pool being US$30 million.
Back in 2019, there was also a Fortnite premier eSport circuit announced in the Championship Series. The Fortnite Championship Series would have players participating across whole seasons, and to keep up with results, there would be a leaderboard as well. Millions of dollars were said to be on the line as well.

Where to Watch Large Fortnite Esports Events?

Even if you cannot be at the venues in person, you can keep up with the Fortnite tournaments and find out the results in real-time. Many matches are broadcasted on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Not only you can watch the matches while they are ongoing, but you can even find videos from past games so you can do your research on the players and teams.
Some of the channels where you can watch these matches are the official Fortnite channels on Twitch or YouTube, as well as the official Twitch channel of TSM Myth.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite is a great game, and players are of different ages and come from different regions. The diverse and large community is what made the eSports game so big and why we now have various eSports events to watch. You can watch these tournaments annually or you can even become a pro player yourself.