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What Are the Best Fortnite Tournaments to Watch?

Esports fans always have something to look forward to – we’re talking here about big events. In the Fortnite field, there are various Fortnite money tournaments taking place very frequently. These events have amazing money prizes that gamers who participate are always looking forward to.
If you’ve just started playing Fortnite or following the gaming events, you may not know the Fortnite tournaments you should be watching every season. Whether you want something entertaining to watch online or you want to learn something from the gamers who play in these events, the top tournaments Fortnite can make you very happy. That being said, here are some of the largest tournaments that people who love Fortnite can watch.

The Fortnite World Cup

Back in 2019, when people were looking up Fortnite tournaments today, they were truly excited when they saw the name “Fortnite World Cup” and found out which teams were participating. But ever since, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Epic Games couldn’t hold tournaments at the same level they used to, so they refrained from organizing another Fortnite World Cup. The 2019 edition was the only one held so far.
At the moment, we do not know whether another event will be held in 2022. Epic Games made an announcement back in November 2021 that some changes will be made for Fortnite tournaments in 2022. So, there is a small chance that another World Cup can be watched by fans all over the world.

The Fortnite Champion Series

One of the best things to look forward to as a Fortnite fan this year is the Fortnite Champion Series event. The tournament is considered one of the biggest things in Fortnite eSports, mainly because it is split into more seasons, and it is also spread across the entire year. Sixteen FNCS Grand Final events were held back in 2021, with teams and players joining from North America, Brazil, Oceania, Europe, and several other areas.
The FNCS ended in September of last year with a prize of almost $2 million, and while a trio structure was played until now, teams may be made of duos in 2022.

Where to Watch the Tournaments?

If you want to watch all Fortnite tournaments, you can always go to YouTube or Twitch, where such events are streamed for all the world to see. You can subscribe to the official Fortnite channels on both platforms and keep an eye on the schedule of the large events. Whether you want to watch solo, duo, or trio matches, you will always be able to see them live online.

The Bottom Line

Even though things have been rough because of the COVID-19 pandemic, things may start to get better, and you may be able to see more Fortnite tournaments soon. Keep an eye on the schedule and don’t miss the top matches.