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Fortnite Players – Who Are the Top Players to Watch in 2022?

Over the years, the famous eSport game Fortnite has been growing in popularity more and more. The competitive game not only got several tournaments focusing on it now, but it also has numerous Fortnite players who participate in the large eSports events. The Fortnite players count has grown significantly since the game was first released, but only a certain number managed to become Fortnite pro players.
The players come from a wide range of backgrounds, age groups, regions, and various other demographics. Who exactly are the best ones that you should follow in the next tournaments?


Bugha is a known name among pro Fortnite players, and he has achieved a lot of things since participating in the last Fortnite World Cup and coming on top. Although a lot of Fortnite eSports fans thought that he has a slower performance last year, he was able to prove everyone wrong and exceed expectations by winning one FNCS season.
Then, he was also to become the top player at the Grand Royale. With these things in mind, we can expect more great things from him in the future.


If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Fortnite scene, then you must have heard about Arkhram and how he is one of the best Fortnite players currently. He is playing for the 100 Thieves team, which he joined back in 2019.
In the FNCS Season 8 Grand Finals, he was part of the team that was able to come second place. Although he was not the top player, he was on top in previous FNCS tournaments, and his team is still one of the most anticipated in Fortnite eSports.
His team also took the first spot in the Grand Royale, showing that he is capable of amazing things.


After the Fortnite World Cup, EpikWhale became one of the best Fortnite concurrent players. In the solos of the Fortnite World Cup, he managed to come third, after which he was part of 100 Thieves or played with Reef.
He is one of the Fortnite best players to look forward to in 2022 considering he won the Grand Royale too.


In Chapter 2, Rehx is one of the largest concurrent players. He managed to come first with his team in various FNCS events and the last Grand Royale. Not only that, but he also joined Duo events with EpikWhale such as the one at the DreamHack Open which the two won.
He can be seen participating in the NA West Cash Cups and NA East very often, so keep an eye on these events if you want to see him in action.

The Bottom Line

Whether you prefer playing Fortnite on Xbox or PC, you can become a pro player yourself if you work hard enough. Watch the top players listed here and use them as inspiration to push harder for your dream or keep an eye on them for entertainment.