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# Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 ESEA Relegation Season 40 No Info No Info No Info
2 ESEA Main Season 40 No Info No Info No Info
3 ESEA Advanced Season 40 No Info No Info No Info
4 LAN Sweet LAN $ 250000 16 No Info
5 ESEA Relegation Season 39 No Info No Info No Info
6 ESEA Intermediate Season 40 No Info No Info No Info
7 ESEA Open Season 40 No Info No Info No Info
8 BLAST Premier World Final 2021 $ 1000000 8 No Info
9 Esport Tour Pro Winter 2021 $ 5372 8 No Info
10 Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI Winter $ 250000 16 No Info
11 Funspark ULTI 2021 $ 300000 8 No Info
12 ESEA Main Season 39 No Info No Info No Info
13 ESEA Intermediate Season 39 No Info No Info No Info
14 ESEA Advanced Season 39 No Info No Info No Info
15 Funspark ULTI 2021 Playoffs #2 $ 75000 16 No Info
16 DreamHack Open Winter 2021 $ 100000 8 No Info
17 BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 $ 425000 8 No Info
18 ESL National Championships Global Playoff Autumn 2021 No Info 9 No Info
19 NumberOne Season 2: Legend Stage 4 $ 6077 8 No Info
20 V4 Future Sports Festival Budapest 2021 $ 356460 12 No Info
21 IESF World Championship 2021 No Info 8 No Info

Joining CSGO Tournaments – Going for the Top Ranks

Some people only play CSGO at the end of a long day – casually joining a match now and again to relieve their boredom. However, there are also people that instead of playing casually, take the game at a professional level. This is where CSGO tournaments come in – as an opportunity for players to show what they got and go even higher up the Counter Strike Global Offensive tanks.

Types of CSGO Tournaments to Join

When it comes to CS GO tournaments, there are several types that you may go for – all of them different in terms of intensity. Bear in mind that since each Counter Strike tournament has its own occurrence time, you will have to check with the eSports tournaments schedule. This way, you can check when yours is about to take place.

That being said, here are the tournament types that you may go for.

  • Valve Tournaments: Valve events are special tournaments that are sponsored by the game developer, Valve Corporations. These events can be either from the minor or major championship, all of which come with pretty decent prize pools.
  • S-Tier Tournaments: Also previously referred to as Premier tournaments, S-tier tournaments have quite outstanding prize pools and feature top players joining from all over the world. These tournaments are considered to be quite the prestigious ones within the CS GO tournament
  • A-Tier Tournaments: Not as prestigious as S-tier events but still quite competitive, players also have A-tier tournaments. Also known as major tournaments, these tournaments have quite generous prize pools as well and also feature quite a number of top teams.
  • B-Tier Tournaments: If you are looking for some less prestigious Counter Strike tournaments but still want some competition, you may want to try B-tier tournaments. This relatively new tier features small LAN events along with large events – but where you may also come across top tier 2 teams.
  • C-Tier Tournaments: Previously referred to as minor tournaments, this tournament is generally aimed at beginners that are barely beginning to make their way into the Counter Strike world championship Generally, there aren’t any top tier players in these tournaments.

Entering Regular CS GO Tournaments

Aside from these tournaments, you also have weekly, monthly, or miscellaneous events. This is why you should also keep a very close eye on the news page. Bear in mind that for you to enter a tournament, you will also need to be a part of the team. In most cases, if you haven’t already formed a team with anyone, you may find a variety of teams looking for members online.

Final Thoughts

That being said, by entering the biggest eSports tournaments, you have a good chance of winning unique skins and weapons. The bigger the prize pool, the rarer the items that you are likely to win – so improve your pro gaming and reach the top!